My name is Whitney and I’ve been riding since I was 13. Janelle began coaching me when I was 16. I rode at a few other stables for 3 years and realized that my riding was not progressing. I desperately wanted to find a coach who could take my riding to the next level, and I’m so grateful to have found Janelle because she has done exactly that.

Janelle is truly an amazing coach, she has taught me so much! I have ridden with her for a little over 4 years now, and she has tremendously improved my riding technique and helped me become a much more confident rider. Janelle is also a super committed coach, she truly cares about and respects not only all of her students, but all the school horses as well.

Before meeting Janelle, I was struggling to find a coach who had a teaching method that suited the way I learned. She knows exactly how to explain to me what to do when I’m learning something new but if I’m still struggling to grasp the concept, she is always happy to get on the horse to visually show me. Since I’m a visual learner, this really helps me. After only a few months of riding with Janelle, I could tell that we worked well together and really clicked.

When I rode at other stables before, I never really felt “safe” and comfortable when riding because there wasn’t a trusting relationship developed between myself and my old coaches. Janelle is a coach who truly values and prioritizes safety in the stables: both when handling and riding a horse. Knowing this, I began to trust her more and more as my coach.

I have come to realize that Janelle understands my own riding abilities better than I do myself at times. And to me that is such an important quality for a coach to have. Sometimes during my lessons now, I still doubt myself by getting into my head, and I start to believe that I can’t do something. However, Janelle is always there to give me a motivational pep talk and convince me that I can do it, and turns out she’s always right! Then at the end of my lesson I sit there and think to myself, “wow I didn’t know I could do that!” The occurrence of these scenarios overtime has built the trust that I have in her as my coach even more! So I want to say thank you to Janelle for her patience towards coaching me and pushing/challenging me when I didn’t believe in myself.

After riding with Janelle for quite some time now, my confidence as a rider has evolved for the better. I look forward to continuing my riding journey with Janelle. I’m excited for my riding to progress further in the future because I know there’s so much more that she has left to teach me.

– Whitney

I have been a student of Janelle’s for around five years, and I don’t think I have ever met anyone quite like her. She is an extremely devoted person, who always looks out for her students, and truly hopes for the best for each and every one. I don’t think I would be where I am currently without her, because not only is she truly an amazing mentor, but she has one of the kindest and most caring hearts a person could have. She isn’t just a mentor to me, but has become my family. She’s always very diligent about the safety of her students, and makes me believe in myself during any moments of doubt. I would one hundred percent direct anyone I know to Janelle if they needed a coach, without a second thought to it.

– Nicole

Janelle has been my coach in both jumping and dressage for almost a decade now and I only have positive things to say. Janelle is incredibly encouraging, supportive, and patient. She’s very perceptive and quickly notices if I’m doing something well or if I need correction. She gives clear and concise instructions on how I can improve. Janelle is more than just a riding coach, she offers me support both in and outside the ring. She’s always willing to answer questions or give advice. For instance, if I’m struggling with an aspect of my riding, she gives me exercises to practice on my own. She’s also easy to communicate with and promptly replies to texts and emails. I highly recommend her as a coach.

– Sabina