Trial – 75mins private riding lesson

A longer lesson provides extra time for the stable management aspects of the lesson as well as an opportunity for you to assess if my coaching style is what you’re looking for. This lesson will include: safety and barn rules, helmet fitting, getting the horse, grooming, tacking up/untacking(putting on/taking off the riding equipment), mount/dismount(getting on/off the horse), walk, halt, steering, putting the horse away, cleaning and putting away the tack. For those with riding experience this lesson will be used as an assessment of your stable management and riding skill level.

Introductory package

4 x 75mins private riding lessons

For beginners learning to groom/tack up and develop comfort around the horses, provides extra time for the stable management aspects of the lesson.

Stable management lessons – 45mins

Covers a wide range of topics, such as grooming, tack care, bandaging, etc. Ideal for those wishing to groom but not ride and those working towards their safety test or Equestrian Canada Rider Levels.

Private riding lessons – 45mins

One on one lessons in dressage and jumping*.
*Riders may opt to only ride dressage(flat) but are required to ride dressage in order to jump. For safety reasons riders are only permitted to begin jumping once they have developed the dressage skills required.

Equestrian Canada Rider Level testing

Testing available for Rider Levels 1 through 8.

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