Janelle Mitchell

About Janelle

A portrait of Janelle with her horse Arwin.

My passion for horses and riding was ignited in 2006 when I first learned to ride. Starting my equestrian journey as an adult has given me a different perspective on the sport, and with a lot of hard work, determination, and support from several wonderful coaches, I have developed a strong technique and love for both jumping and dressage. The occasional experiences with negligent coaches have instilled in me the importance of safety, patience, and equine welfare and I hold these lessons at the forefront of what I do. I am very excited to be running TRU Equestrian out of Imperial Stables located at 6438 60 Ave, Delta, BC..

I have been privileged to a vast range of experiences during my career as an equestrian.

Six years after I started riding, I had the opportunity to train at Cartier Farms in Prince Albert, Saskatchewan to facilitate EAL (Equine Assisted Learning). EAL involves the use of horses to teach people valuable life skills. It is all ground-based rather than mounted, and is suitable for everyone. To learn more about EAL, visit https://www.cartierfarms.ca/

My coaching career began in 2013 at Maynard Pony Meadows in Vancouver, BC. I earned my Equestrian Canada Competition Coach Certification, and a year later developed the school program for Pacific Banner Riding Club. I have been coaching full-time ever since. 

While my focus is on dressage and show jumping, I find particular joy in sharing my love of horses with new riders.