TRU Equestrian Philosophy



TRU Equestrian Philosophy

Trust Respect Unity (TRU) represents how I believe riding partnerships are developed. All three of these are required to create a harmonious balance between horse and rider. If any one is not established, problems may arise within the relationship.

TRU further represents the environment within my program. At TRU, the horses are happy and enjoy their work. They trust and respect the coaching staff, which in turn helps them develop a true partnership with the student, each learning to trust and respect the other.

The foundations of TRU also embodies the three main pillars of my program: ongoing professional development, rider safety and equine welfare.

  1. For professional development I regularly attend clinics, symposiums and workshops to further my knowledge and expertise in various riding disciplines. This ensures that I am exposed to a variety of teaching methods, progressions and techniques, which ultimately benefits my students, the horses, and myself.
  2. Emphasizing patience, safety and rider confidence, my lessons are tailored to the individual abilities and goals of each student, as I encourage, guide, and support them. From riding for therapeutic purposes, to riding competitively, to becoming certified coaches themselves, students are encouraged to continuously set new goals to expand their horizons and reach their full potential.
  3. Before handling the horses unsupervised, students are taught about safety procedures, and are required to pass a written and practical safety test to demonstrate their knowledge. These measures help to ensure the welfare of both horse and rider, and that all students feel confident before handling the horses by themselves.

Riders of all ages and experience levels are welcome, including those who’ve never ridden before.

If you’d like to read about my students’ experiences, please visit my testimonials page. To learn about additional services that I offer, please visit my coaching page. For any questions, please reach out to me through my Contact page.

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Janelle Mitchell
Equine Canada Certified Competition Coach